Software & Tools

Posts detailing software and informatics tools developed by members of the McCarthy Group


Project NameDescription
Chipendium Chipendium is a metadata analysis tool that can determine the microarray platform of Illumina genotype data. Upload your BIM file or marker ids and Chipendium will report upon the most likely chip platform and stand.
Toppar Toppar is a database driven interactive association result browser written in JavaScript and HTML. It uses the Flot library for plotting, zooming and panning and DataTables for listing the data.
ScatterShot for UKBB We have developed ScatterShot, a web application for generating cluster plot images for chip genotyping experiments. This initial deployment has been customised for the UK Biobank dataset.
Genotyping Chips - Strand & Build To impute and meta-analyse multiple data sets it is essential that the data are aligned to a common reference, almost always the forward strand of the current human genome build. To do this and/or to move data between different builds of the human genome I have created a set of files for the most common Illumina and Affymetrix genotyping chips.
Other Informatics Tools Various informatics tools hosted at William Rayner's site at Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics.