These are some recent publications from the McCarthy Group and our collaborators, along with articles and online resources such as summary data and interactive tables.

Year Journal Name Pubmed Author Articles Resources
2018 Nature Genetics European DIAMANTE Mahajan et al.
2018 Expert Review of Precision Medicine and Drug Development Diabetes GRS Review Mark I. McCarthy & Anubha Mahajan
2018 Diabetes SUMMIT T2D DKD 29703844 van Zuydam et al.
2018 Nature Genetics ExTexT2D ExomeChip "Smoking Gun" 29632382 Mahajan et al.
2017 Wellcome Open Res Bone Mineral Density 28989980 Gan et al.
2017 Bioinformatics Toppar 29325066 Juliusdottir et al.
2016 JASN SUMMIT T1D DKD 27647854 Sandholm et al.
2016 Nature EGG Birthweight 27680694 Horikoshi et al.
2016 Nature T2D Nature 27398621 Fuchsberger et al.