Presented today at ASHG 2018 in San Diego, Chipendium is a web application for determining the identity of your microarray platform from a list of genotype variants ids.

It is common for genotyping datasets to lose record of the exact chip platform used, especially where there are numerous versions of each chip. Chipendium will detect the chip platform of your data. You can then strand align your dataset using Will Rayner’s strand website.

Upload your Illumina chip metadata and Chipendium will interrogate our catalogue to suggest the most likely chips platforms. Currently our catalogue contains over 166 chips (Oct 2018) and is regularly kept up to date.


Chipendium is a collabaration between two McCarthy group members. The server-side logic (STAASIS) was developed by Will Rayner in Perl as part of his work into strand alignment. The middleware and webapp were written by Neil Robertson in Java/Javascript/HTML.

Find out more about Chipendium here.